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Whether you are renovating or relocating externally or internally, we want you to think of us as your PARTNER for a fast, stress-free and cost-effective process. Not only will we manage your entire move from concept to completion, we will also be your single point of contact. At Partners in Projects, we know that moving can be a stressful experience.  That is why WE will shoulder the responsibility. We will assess your needs, plan the move, get your staff ready, seamlessly manage the location transition, and get you and your staff settled back to work quickly.

Our process for planning and executing your stress-free, fast, and cost-effective move includes six steps:

​We provide the following products to facilitate our customer’s facility and organizational needs:

      Material distribution


Equipment drop-off and pick-up on a pre-determined logistics schedule

   A number of  misc.    

   supply chain items​

Used office furnishings

Move equipment

sales and rentals​

Comprehensive inventory of moving equipment

Low cost new office


Wall protection


value. quality care. convenience.

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