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Founded in 2004 as a rental company for moving equipment, Partners in Projects built its core trade on providing those essential products for a secure and environmentally-friendly move. We now offer a turn-key solution for your entire relocation. Partners in Projects can customize your move from concept to completion.

At Partners in Projects we strive to truly be your partner in your project.  With our innovative move products and our networking capabilities, we assure customer satisfaction with your move whether it's BIG or small.

Partners in Projects is your answer to a smoother move.  We offer some of the most efficient move equipment in the market.  We can make your complicated move as easy as picking up the phone.  Your project is our priority. 

value. quality care. convenience.

Partners in Projects​

2175 Central Parkway. Cincinnati, OH 45214

 Mailing Address: PO Box 36357 Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: (513) 651-9900  Fax: (513) 672-2100


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