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Equipment Rental

• Rentable crates and dolly system

  The benefits of reusable crates include:

- Fewer crates per-person.


  • Compared to moving with boxes, our crates result in fewer trips to the truck for the movers thus reducing the cost of your move.
  •  Our crates stack five to six feet high [in a truck] vs. only three feet high using boxes, subsequently reducing your costs by paying for fewer trucks.
  •  Minimized move damage. Our crates are sturdy and virtually crushproof. Therefore, your valuable property is protected at all times.
  •  Added protection. We offer the option of tamper-proof seals for our crates to provide added security protection during your move of confidential materials. There is virtually no clean up, as well as no time and cost to you for cardboard box disposal.


• Packing supplies

• Book/library cart rentals
• Pre-move purge/trash bins

value. quality care. convenience.

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